I am a naturopath specialised in Traditional European Medicine. My offer consists of phytotherapy, spagyric, classical massages and detox therapy, including leech therapy. I also offer advice on prevention, tipps on your diet, and information about contraception.

Do you suffer from muscle tension, headaches, dizziness, menstrual pain or other cycle-related problems, high blood pressure, or a chronic disease? You have come to the right person. I support you in finding the cause of your problems and the way to health.

If you are searching for someone who stands by your side, helps you with both hands on and hands off and offers ample time to treat you individually, contact me.

Important! This website is currently being translated to English. It will take some time until all content is available in English. Thank you for your understanding. If you have questions, don't hesitate, just ask.

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What can you expect from me?

1. Individual Treatment

I use no standard treatments and plans. After obtaining a detailed history and formulating a diagnosis, I will generate a concept of therapy tailored specifically to you.

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2. Time

A standard appointment takes 60 minutes, a first appointment 90 minutes. I like to give you enough time and am also there for you to answer your questions via email and phone between appointments.

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3. Professional Competence

I am well educated and constantly refreshing and updating my skills. I am in a permanent exchange with other health professionals. If you please, I will also speak to your doctor or other health professionals treating you.

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