Course of an appointment/treatment

An appointment usually starts with a wide diagnostic process, including European pulse and tongue diagnosis and iridiologic diagnosis. I also apply some allopathic examination techniques.

In therapy I work with phytotherapy (plant-based medicine), spagyric, nutrition as well as detoxifying measures, classical massage and visceral therapy. Additionally, I sometimes use homeopathy and hydrotherapy. In all of that, I rely on humoral theory (the theory of the four elements and four humors).

One of my biggest interests is the menstrual cycle and women’s medicine. In this, it is important to me to treat you individually and to not press anyone into a gender stereotype.

I also give massages during pregnancy, preferably after the first trimester.


Patients usually wear just underwear for all manual diagnostic and treatment.   If you aren’t okay with this, we’ll find another way.

Please bring the following on your first appointment

  • a list or the labels of all the medications you are currently taking (pills, vitamins, drops and so on)
  • medical reports
  • laboratory findings and results
  • insurance card (additional insurance VVG)


Online calendar

I have been seeing patients since the 1st of May 2018. At the moment I work on different days of the week.

Appointments can be fixed by phone, e-mail or via my online calendar. If you don’t find a good date and/or time on the online calendar, please contact me.

An appointment is usually 60 minutes, a first appointment 90 minutes (except for massages).

Leech therapy needs two hours. For the first appointment, 90 minutes are enough. I’ll do diagnostics and give you a lot of information about leech therapy. At the second appointment, I’ll apply the leeches.

For the special offer lunchtime massage, you must book 30 minutes, but only 20 minutes will be charged.


and reimbursement by health insurance

An hour costs 144.- For owners of a KulturLegi, there’s a discount of 50%. The special offer lunchtime massage costs 40.- for 20 minutes.

I am registered with almost every health insurance, as I’m member of the two big registers, EMR and ASCA, as well as EGK and Visana.

As there is an immense amount of health insurance offers for complementary and alternative medicine, please ask your health insurance if they cover the costs. For this you need my ZSR number: J032863. Please contact me if your insurance says they won’t pay. Sometimes it’s just due to a misunderstanding or an error in the system, so I’ll try to sort that out.

Additional insurances (VVG) usually don’t pay your invoice. You pay the invoice after the appointment and send in the claim form to your insurance which then sends you the reimbursement.

Missed appointments and appointments that are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged.


You can pay cash or with credit/Maestro card after the appointment. Invoices are only possible in special cases.

Special offers

Phone call or e-mail consultations

I also offer consultation via e-mail or phone call if it is not possible for you to come in for an appointment. The price is the same (144.-/hour).

Please note that this kind of consultation cannot offer the same services as a face-to-face appointment and that I need to know in advance that you won’t be coming in person.

House calls

I make house calls on request in the region of Baar/Zug and Zürich (city).

For this I charge additionally 15.- / 15 minutes (both ways) with bike or public transport from my praxis or flat.

Please book house call appointments via phone call or e-mail.


Are you searching for someone to give massages at your sports event, run, company party...? Please ask me for an offer.

Gifting relaxation and health

You can order gifts from Prisma Natura, for example:

  • A gift voucher for a treatment (144.- per hour)
  • A personal herbal tea mix (Fr. 40.-)
  • A booklet with tipps and household remedies concerning a chosen topic, 30.- to 200.- depending on the length

Lecture and teaching

If you are looking for someone to speak about a health topic at your event, or someone who teaches alternative medicine topics, please call or e-mail me.

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